Hacker / Creative Director

Fredrik STÖK Alexandersson

Fredrik Alexandersson, widely recognized by his hacker handle STÖK, is a multifaceted professional who seamlessly integrates his expertise in cybersecurity with a flair for creativity. Swedish by nationality, he has established himself as a content creator, hacker, bug bounty hunter,keynote speaker and cybersecurity consultant. STÖK’s passion for ethical hacking, security research and bug bounty hunting is evident in his substantial YouTube following, which has reached approximately 129,000 subscribers as of Januari 2024, alongside a significant viewership of 2.7 million views.

STÖK’s journey in the realm of cybersecurity is marked by his unique approach, blending defensive capabilities to enhance his offensive hacking skills. His proficiency in cybersecurity extends to areas like Active Directory, webapps and external attack surfaces where he showcases his ability to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities, particularly in misconfigured systems. His expertise is not limited to technical realms; he also holds a deep understanding of human behavior, marketing, fashion, and communication, reflecting his diverse interests and skills.

Embracing a lifestyle that is a blend of technology and creativity, STÖK is known for his positive and proactive approach to security and life in general. His philosophy, encapsulated in his catchphrases “HACKERS GONNA HACK. CREATORS GONNA CREATE. GOOD VIBES ONLY” resonates with his audience, offering a fresh perspective in the often challenging world of cybersecurity.

STÖK’s career also includes significant contributions to various organizations and events. He has been recognized by prominent companies like Uber, Elastic, Splunk, Salesforce, Yahoo, and Microsoft for his security research. Presented research on the maintracks of renowned cybersecurity conferences like Blackhat USA, DEF CON, Securityfest, SEC-T, Disobey, Eko party and hosted multiple international cybersecurity events both online and in person. Additionally, he has participated in numerous live hacking events and collaborations, exemplifying the power of teamwork and shared knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Aside from his technical pursuits, STÖK also devotes time to creative endeavors as photography, creative copywriting, digital design, videography and studio design. He has successfully launched and contributed creatively to multiple clothing brands, demonstrating his ability to juggle multiple projects while maintaining focus and productivity. His approach to work and life is characterized by structured, bite-sized tasks, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling professional and personal life.

In summary, Fredrik Alexandersson, or STÖK, stands as a prominent figure in the cybersecurity world, admired for his technical acumen, creative talents, and positive influence on the community. His journey is a testament to the power of combining diverse interests and skills to create a unique and impactful career path.

A portrait of STÖK throwing a peace sign