The essential cybersecurity capabilities



How We Help Your Organisation Detect Security Breaches

We have dedicated specialists working 24/7 to detect and act on intrusions and incidents. Our Detect services are based on our proven approach to effective monitoring, active response capacity, and continuous security posture improvement.

The Detect capability is constantly being adjusted and updated according to new rules and patterns based on data and intelligence from current incidents and recovery work, as well as from the work done by the Threat Intelligence Unit which monitors vulnerabilities, leaks, and threats on the dark web.

To detect intrusion and incidents, we:
  • Monitor your IT environment 24/7.
  • Detect leaked information and accounts.
  • Analyze alerts and events.
  • Customize rule-setting based on threat intelligence and best practice.
  • Provide threat hunting activities.

Detecting What The Cybercriminals Try To Hide

The Cybercriminals have access to the same detection tools as the rest of the world to practice in and try do avoid detection. We know that they do, and to be honest, so do our red teams. The default rules detects a lot, but it is by having custom rules that are based on feedback from real security incidents, threat intelligence and vulnerabilities that are exploited right now it is possible to find the threat actors before they compromises the entire environment.

These custom detection rulesets finds a lot, but you also need a wide net to collect lots of events. By utilizing the combination of Endpoint detection (EDR), Identity, Documents & Data, Network detection (NDR) and IoT detection the capability to find, and correctly identify a threat actor in it’s initial phase are greatly improved.

And that’s how you prevent cyber breaches and minimize impact, even though they try to hide their tracks.

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The essential cybersecurity capabilities

Our Capabilities Framework

Staying ahead of cyber threats and successfully preventing as well as reacting to cyber breaches requires expertise and resources within five essential cybersecurity capabilities. We provide access to and help you develop these must-haves to ensure you get the best possible cybersecurity for your needs.

Our Detect Enabled Services

AppSec Maturity Assessment
Cybersecurity Enhancement Program
Cybersecurity Governance Health Check
Detect and Disarm
Holistic Cybersecurity Assessment
Red Team Exercise
Strategic Security Assessment
Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER-EU)
Threat Intelligence: Leak Detection and Mitigation

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