Boost Your Ransomware Attack Resilience

Organizations are increasingly exposed to cyber attacks due to digital transformation. Also, cybercriminals’ methods have become highly sophisticated and more frequently include ransomware. But there's a lot you can do to significantly lower your risk of getting hit. We have hands-on ransomware attack experience and expertise that you can access in a range of customizable services.

Ransomware Is a Trending Reality – We Need To Strengthen Our Cybersecurity Defenses

Cybercriminals Attack With Sophistication

Large, organized cybercrime gangs are continually becoming more innovative and sophisticated in their attacks. As enterprises work on improving their security posture, cybercriminals evolve and diversify their attack vectors to find new ways into their target networks.

Ransomware Demands Based on Turnover

Cybercriminals have become more skilled at identifying critical data and setting the ransom demand accordingly. Ransom demands are now frequently based on the organization's turnover, and there have been cases where demands exceeded 290 million SEK. Since last year, organized cybercrime gangs have expanded their ransom attacks and now increasingly steal sensitive business data as well.

Take Proactive Measures Against Ransomware

Test your resilience against ransomware scenarios. We perform a battery of interviews and a full attack simulation, all based on the current tools and tactics of ransomware groups, to give you a thorough report along with recommendations you can act on. Alongside this service we always see to your specific needs and offer a range of relevant effective services. Read about them below.

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Customer Reference - Addtech

Saved After a Massive Ransomware Attack

When the technology trading group Addtech was the victim of a ransomware attack, nearly all their business activity was halted. They quickly understood that they needed external help. After a recommendation, they turned to Truesec for help.

Services to Boost Your Ransomware Attack Resilience

Agile Security
Application Security Champion
Code Review
Connected Devices Security (IoT, OT, Embedded)
DevOps and CI/CD Security Assessment
Human Threat Health Check
Ransomware Risk Assessment
Red Team Exercise
Security Health Check
Security Vetting Interview
Social Engineering Services
Software Security Therapy
Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming (TIBER-EU)
Threat Modeling Exercise

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