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Truesec Opens New US Headquarters in Florida

With rising geopolitical tension and the heightened risk of cyberattacks, the ability to detect and mitigate potential threats is greater than ever. With organizations worldwide relying on its support, Truesec aims to stay relevant by constantly expanding its global presence and capacity to prevent cyber breaches, which the launch of the new U.S. headquarters will reflect.

I’m excited to announce the opening of our new headquarters in Jacksonville. By continuing to extend the best-in-class MDR service we’ve built in Scandinavia in the U.S. market, we’re combining our global service capacity with a strong local presence.
says Tomas Sjöström, CEO of Truesec INC.

Marketing-Leading Managed Detection and Response

A key service we’ll be able to expand in the U.S. is Truesec’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Its capabilities are designed to counteract every stage of a cyber attack event chain and control its entirety. That includes active 24/7 attack monitoring and remediation, proactive threat hunting, and counteractive incident response and recovery.

Internationally Acknowledged Cybersecurity Company

Truesec has long been at the forefront of protecting organizations against cyber threats and works closely with law enforcement, the insurance sector, and security organizations worldwide. Truesec’s offering includes a broad portfolio of technologically advanced cybersecurity services from a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts.

There’s a need for real capacity to mitigate threats today, and that’s what we are building in this organization. The expansion into the new U.S. headquarters will help us continue to make meaningful improvements in the state of security, not just for our clients in the U.S., but everyone, says Thomas Sjöström.

About Truesec Group

Truesec is a global cybersecurity company with a clear purpose: Creating safety and sustainability in a digital world by preventing cyber breach and minimizing impact. Over the years, Truesec has gained a strong reputation and earned the trust of organizations worldwide. Today, Truesec consists of 300+ dedicated cyber specialists – covering the full spectrum of cybersecurity.

For more information, contact:

Tomas Sjöström
CEO Truesec Inc.
+1 (904) 441-9873