Threat Check

Find Out if You Have Been Breached With a Threat Check

Cybercrime has grown into a trillion-euro per year business. Companies in all industries and of all sizes have become potential targets. All organizations rely on IT to enable production and store digital assets. A data breach can generate massive revenue loss and bring an entire organization to its knees.

Threat Check Truesec

As the leading specialist cybersecurity firm in northern Europe and a trusted cyber advisor, Truesec has developed a unique understanding of the threat landscape and how the threat actors act and attack organizations.  With this knowledge, we have created a new service to help customers assess their current threat situation.  We call this a Threat Check.

Find Out if You Are or Have Been Breached

Sometimes your organization might not even be aware of it.

A Truesec Threat Check is carried out over two weeks.  First, we install our tools to get a full picture of the environment. Then our detection specialists from Truesec SOC will perform daily analysis of the IT environment and forensic specialists will perform threat hunting based on their extensive experience in incident response.

You will be provided with a full report containing details of your current threat status and any actions recommended to strengthen the resilience of the IT environment.  If signs of an ongoing attack are found, we will offer the services of our world-renowned Incident Response Team, to disarm the attack and manage the incident.

A Threat Check Overview

Threat Check Truesec

Benefits of Obtaining a Truesec Threat Check

Our success is based on a combination of extraordinary cyber experts, the most advanced tools on the market today, and our profound experience gained from investigating critical cyber incidents worldwide.  By using our service you will receive:

  • Daily analysis of your IT environment
  • Threat hunting with a full report of current threats by security experts
  • Recommended actions to strengthen your resilience and disarm ongoing attacks

Are You Ready to Improve Your Resilience Against Intruders?

Maintaining a 100% secure IT environment is as impossible as making something 100% secure in the physical world. Therefore, systems and specialists that can detect and manage cyber breaches in your environment are as important as alarms, cameras, and security guards.

Are you prepared for a cyberattack?

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors and detects intruders 24/7. We protect your business against the whole spectrum of threats, from broad unsophisticated attacks to targeted and advanced cyberattacks.

Read about our SOC service here

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