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Cybersecurity Strategy Advisors

A proper cybersecurity strategy will help you prepare for the worst-case scenario and take all the necessary steps to lessen potential risks and minimize any consequences. Our incredibly experienced strategic advisors will help you develop and implement a roadmap with both quick wins and long-term goals.
Truesec Secure Strategy

What Is a Cybersecurity Strategy?

A cybersecurity strategy is a collection of guidelines and actions for an organization to follow with the goal of minimizing the risks and effects of an incident or attack.

Experience, Know-How, and Creativity

What Our Services Provide

We are happy to help regardless of where you are in your cybersecurity journey – whether you just had an incident or want another pair of eyes to preemptively take a look at your IT environment and organization. Our cybersecurity strategy advisors will help you develop a risk-based strategy that immediately lessens your risk exposure while ensuring that any short-term measures taken will fit into a longer-term roadmap. If you need to adhere to external frameworks, our compliance and audit specialists will help ensure your cybersecurity efforts meet the necessary regulatory requirements.

Who we are?

Trusted Advisors With Broad Expertise

We have extensive international experience securing companies of all sizes in every line of business imaginable: from private and public, manufacturing and service-oriented, financial and defense, to traditional IT and OT/IoT. We have held both operative and strategic roles, and as a group, we are eager problem solvers with a passion for preventing breaches and minimizing the impact of breaches.

How our cybersecurity strategy services help you

Optimize Your Risk Management

By combining our expertise and extensive experience with assessments and knowledge of external frameworks, we help identify the best possible steps forward – taking both the short- and long-term effects into account. We then use our battle-tested knowledge to ensure that the plan works in the current threat landscape and is suitable for your industry and infrastructure. Finally, we cover all five capabilities in Truesec’s capabilities framework and deliver a cybersecurity strategy that is truly holistic.

Cybersecurity Enhancement Program

The Cybersecurity Enhancement Program will help you ensure that your organization’s finances and resources are used for the actions that provide the greatest value. It´s a tailor-made cybersecurity program for your specific organizational needs.

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