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Threat Profile Report

A customer-specific overview of the cyber threat landscape and how it impacts your industry. The report is primarily for slightly larger organizations that are about to begin the process of improving their cybersecurity capabilities. The report provides an in-depth understanding of the real-world threats to your organization and a general overview of how your current cybersecurity posture measures against these threats.

How We Do It

Truesec Threat Intelligence experts will base the report on the deep insight into cybersecurity that we have at Truesec. This means we'll utilize the knowledge and information from several data sources. For example, we use information from our Red Team exercises, our SOC (Security Operations Center), our Cybersecurity Incident Response Team investigations, our forensic research, our information gathering from the DarkNet, and of course, our threat actor analysis – to mention a few.

This report will provide a solid foundation for discussions regarding your current cybersecurity posture and how it measures against the real-world threats that impact your specific industry, as well as what your current cybersecurity threats might be.

Insights Into the Cyber Threat Landscape

  • Generic Threat Landscape
  • Industry-specific Threat Landscape
  • Threat scenarios
  • Attack surface
  • DarkNet exposure
  • Recommendations
  • Written report and a presentation where you can discuss and ask questions
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