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DDoS Protection

Our DDoS Protection service shields your internet-facing websites, applications and systems from disturbances and operational outages by protecting from DDoS attacks. Ensure highest availability on your mission-critical assets.
The global cybersecurity state

DDoS Attacks in Numbers


increase in ransom DDoS attacks globally in 2022. Truesec Threat Intelligence confirms the similar trend in the Nordics with DDoS being an increasingly more common method for extortion.


of all DDoS attacks in 2022 were potentially of the "hit and run" variety. Such attacks typically last for no more than 30 minutes, and attackers often deploy them as a means of testing a target's security measures prior to launching a more extensive and prolonged attack.


DDoS attacks is being conducted every single day globally, also, the total number of DDoS attacks conducted annually have doubled past five years.

Different Types of DDoS Attacks

Network-Based DDoS Attacks

Attacks targeting the network and transport layers, namely L3 and L4 attacks, are typically volumetric in nature. Such attacks aim to flood target IP addresses with a significant amount of data, which can lead to a loss of service for legitimate users. While these attacks are generally at the lower end of the threat spectrum, they can still have a significant impact. Even single packets can be used to target both known and unknown vulnerabilities in TCP/IP stacks, resulting in the shutdown of network-based equipment and causing a denial of service.

Application-Based DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks that focus on the application layer referred to as application-based DDoS attacks, specifically target application protocols and the applications that run on them. Targeted applications may include web, mail, and FTP servers, and such attacks tend to be non-volumetric in nature. Examples of application-based attacks include HTTP Get Flood Attacks, HTTP Post Flood Attacks, SSL Renegotiation Attacks, and DNS NXDOMAIN Attacks.

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