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July 6, 2023

Cyber & Law Executive Briefing

Join us in Munich to gain insights and connect with legal, risk & compliance and on-the-ground technical cybersecurity experts. Take this opportunity to network and learn about practical strategies and solutions for your business. Mingle and share a drink along with your experiences and ideas. See you there!

September 28, 2023

Cybersecurity Summit

Get on top of today's escalating cybersecurity threats. Join us for a full day of tech talks and demos, all based on real-life incidents and experts' hands-on experience. Attend in Stockholm and meet the experts, or join our digital live-stream.

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June 4-9, 2023

FIRST conference Montreal

Join us at FIRST - an international confederation of trusted computer incident response teams who cooperatively handle computer security incidents and promote incident prevention programs. Speaking on stage is Alexander Andersson, David Lilja and Hasain Alshakarti, joined by other members of team Truesec.

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August 14-15, 2023

Def Con 2023

At this yars Def Con, Jayson E Streets, will tech how adversaries can attack in non-traditional ways. Covering all aspects of an engagement, starting with online, research in a quick and efficient manner. Sounds interesting?

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Nov 7-9, 2023

Nordic Infrastructure Conference - NIC

We are joining NIC in Oslo, Norway, together with IT Professionals and Decision-Maker NIC. Meet and listen to our leading technical speakers experts, Mikael Nyström and Viktor Hedberg. NIC Cloud Connect will be hands-on sessions covering Security, Hybrid setup, Client & Server, Configuration, Operational tools, and more. Be Cloud Connected. See you at NIC Cloud Connect.

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