Boost Your Knowledge in Cybersecurity

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August 28 to September 2, 2022

Geek Week 2022

Join us for Geek Week 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. To train, geek out, and have fun.

April 2022

Tech Talk No. 2: What Happens When a Red Team Hacks a Bank?

Join our second Tech Talk show of 2022 - a digital tech show by geeks for geeks with demos, Q&As, reportages, challenges, and other fun stuff. In this second episode our hacker/creative STÖK and Fabio Viggiani, Technical Lead Cybersecurity, will discuss the topic of how a red team can help organizations and businesses assess their security posture and how to safeguard assets against a persistent cyber attack.

May 2 to 4, 2022

JFokus 2022

Meet us at Jfokus 2022, a three-day conference for Java developers in Stockholm, Sweden. To shed some light on security in software development, we invite you to join our two talks with our Senior Developer Thomas Andolf, and Chief Innovation Officer Johan Lindfors, or just hang out in our exhibition booth. Yes, there will be a challenge!

May 19 to 20, 2022

DevSum 2022

Join us at this year’s DevSum. Gain insight into the latest trends and technologies in development, with speakers in various fields. As a diamond partner, our development team at Truesec looks forward to hanging out with other like-minded individuals at the exhibition, attend sessions (especially on secure development) and, if you're up for it, participate in one of our challenges in our booth. Hope to see you there!