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Webinar September 27, 2023

Applied Legal Incident Response

During the webinar with Levi Bergstedt, you will be given comprehensive insights into practical legal response-cases to data breaches across multiple jurisdictions, with a spotlight on the GDPR.

September 28, 2023

Cybersecurity Summit

Get on top of today's escalating cybersecurity threats. Join us for a full day of tech talks and demos, all based on real-life incidents and experts' hands-on experience. Attend in Stockholm and meet the experts, or join our digital live-stream.

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Sep 13-15, 2023

MCTTP Munich Cyber Tactics, Techniques & Procedures 2023

A conference for security technicians and CISOs, to create future-proof cybersecurity in their enterprises. Meet us there and listen to Hasain Alshakarti, Truesec Principal Cybersecurity Advisor, technical session about the different attacks using certificate- and key-based authentication in Windows environments.

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Partner events
Nov 7-9, 2023

Nordic Infrastructure Conference - NIC

We are joining NIC in Oslo, Norway, together with IT Professionals and Decision-Maker NIC. Meet and listen to our leading technical speakers experts, Mikael Nyström and Viktor Hedberg. NIC Cloud Connect will be hands-on sessions covering Security, Hybrid setup, Client & Server, Configuration, Operational tools, and more. Be Cloud Connected. See you at NIC Cloud Connect.

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Community event
Oct 14, 2023


We are joining bSides in Munich. Meet and listen to our leading technical speakers expert Niklas Kejser, sharing insights from a recent incident response engagement in his talk "Breaking the Ransomware Tool Set – When a Threat Actor Opsec Failure Became a Threat Intel Goldmine".

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Community event
Oct 17-19, 2023


Join us for FIRST Conference in Oslo Norway, the forum for Incident Response and Security Teams. Meet up with our security analyst, Oscar Lejerbäck Wolf, who is invited as a speaker when he shares his insights and story behind hunting the Chinese APT malware PlugX.

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