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Webinar November 22, 2023

Combat the Recurring Seasonal Increase in Cyber Attacks

Over christmas holidays the global number of attempted ransomware attacks increases. We will provice you with insights and knowledge and what it actually means and provide guidance for preparing. Join Christoffer Strömblad, Threat Intelligence Specialist, and Petter Fahlström, COO Truesec Detect.

Webinar November 29, 2023

How to Protect Your ESXi and vCenter from Getting Ransomware

Listen to one of the most popular talks from VMware Explore 2023, "How to Protect Your ESXi and vCenter from Getting Ransomware," and Truesec Cybersecurity Summit 2023. Join Anders Olsson, VCDX #182 and Truesec Senior Infrastructure Architect, with more than 14 years of experience designing and implementing VMware environments.

Webinar December 6, 2023

How To Improve Your Microsoft Cloud Security Posture

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the challenges of monitoring cloud environments from a security perspective. Together with Daniel Chronlund, Microsoft MVP, and Marucs Pettersson, Infrastructure Specialist, we will explore the complexities that arise as these environments expand in size and scope, navigating through the ever-evolving landscape of new threats and security features.

Webinar December 11, 2023

Azure Arc - Modern Server Management

Join Mikael Nyström for this webinar to learn why you need to start using Azure Arc, how it works, and all the incredible benefits Azure Arc has.