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April 27, 2023

Hot & Säkerhet - an IFI Conference

On April 27th IFI organizes the conference Hot & Säkerhet, a whole day about cyber security and current cyber threats. Expert speakers will be interspersed with highly topical cases from businesses who share their experiences. Truesec's cyber security profile Mats Hultgren and Threat Intelligence expert Christoffer Strömblad will participate together with many other exciting speakers.

May 3-4, 2023

Stockholm Tech Show

Join us at Stockholm Tech Show 2023, the Nordic regions largest tech conference, exhibition and meeting place. Meet our experts and speakers: Carolina Angelis, Carlo Alberto Scola, David Lilja, Hasain Alshakarti, Johan Lindfors, Mats Hultgren, Mikael Nyström, and Viktor Hedberg, or hang out with us in the exhibition and accept our hacking challenge.

May 10, 2023

PasswordsCon Norway

PasswordsCon is the first and only global conference that focuses entirely on passwords and digital authentication. This year Dr. Stefan Ivarsson, Senior Security Developer at Truesec, is invited to present a session on "Password Culture: Understanding the mind of the masses to improve dictionary attacks".

25-26 May, 2023

Security Fest

Security Fest is an inspiring and unique IT security conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about IT security, and a great way to connect with both the renowned international speakers, and the other attendees. Truesec is both sponsoring and hosting our war room at Securityfest this year!

Nov 7-9, 2023

Nordic Infrastructure Conference - NIC

We are joining NIC in Oslo, Norway, together with IT Professionals and Decision-Maker NIC. Meet and listen to our leading technical speakers experts, Mikael Nyström and Viktor Hedberg. NIC Cloud Connect will be hands-on sessions covering Security, Hybrid setup, Client & Server, Configuration, Operational tools, and more. Be Cloud Connected. See you at NIC Cloud Connect.

January 18, 2022

Tech Talk #1: Protect Your Credentials

Avoid getting hit by cyberattacks. Learn what cybercriminals do with your credentials and how you can protect yourself and your IT environment. Join our digital Tech Talk show with leading cybersecurity expert Peter Löfgren, hosted by our tech community guru STÖK.

February 8, 2022

Tech Talk #2: Get a grip of your servers, time for Azure ARC

Join our digital Tech Talk show with leading cybersecurity expert Mikael Nyström, hosted by our tech community guru STÖK. We will cover the latest hacks, share insights, and the do's and don'ts.